Where are we?

The Trust office is based at the Old Mill, Main Street, Killin, FK21 8XE. This is situated just west of the North end of the Dochart Bridge and is part of the backdrop to the Dochart Falls when viewed from the South side. The Falls are the major visitor attraction in Killin.  There are many other things to see close to the village that make a stop over worth while.

Those with an interest in history can visit the Macnab burial ground on Innes Buidh for which the keys may be obtained from the Old Mill, the Kinnell Stone Circle, an A listed railway viaduct, the ruins of Finlarig Castle, the site of Ellanryne by the Lochay river, Ard na Gaul settlement site, Sheilings on the hills, a neolithic Axe Factory, The Whooping Cough Stone, a coin tree and many examples of cup marked stones.  Some of these require walking, climbing and detective work to identify.

An interest in flora and fauna can be stimulated at any time of the year, from the earliest signs of spring when the Purple Saxifrage comes out as the snow melts on the hills to the dead of winter when a variety of birds are displaced to spend time in the area before returning to their natural breeding grounds. Red squirrels, red and roe deer, pinemartens, otters and even beavers stay with us throughout the winter period when others leave for warmer climes.

Walking in winter can have the added enjoyment of crisp snow underfoot, wildlife tracks on its surface and opportunities for phorographers to capture the often unexpected beauty of a winter wonderland.

As many people visited Killin without realising its potential for exploration the Trust developed a booklet, KILLIN, a guide for visitors, to help visitors make a better use of their time spent in Killin.

The Old Mill has visitor information and we can help you plan your holiday break.

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